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Why are some of my radiators not warm?

There are circulation problems caused by airlocks in the pipework, blockages caused by hardened sludge deposits, balancing issues, incorrect pipe sizes or maybe the radiator valves are stuck or closed. These are the most common faults that can all be rectified.

Why are my radiators cold at the bottom or top?

Cold radiators at the top are commonly air that needs to released through the air vent at the top of the radiator. Cold radiators at the bottom is either poor circulation through the radiator as mentioned above or sludge build up in the bottom of the radiator, can be rectified by system cleaning.

Why are my radiators not working but my hot water is?

There are some different reasons for this problem but the most common are either a faulty pump, a faulty motorised valve, a faulty programmer or room thermostat or one of the problems mentioned above under circulation problems.

I have got a combi boiler and I have to keep re pressurising it why is that?

There is a leak on the system somewhere that needs to be found. The pressure vessel maybe faulty and needs replacing or another one added and disconnecting the faulty one. Tip - Sometimes replacing the Schroeder valve in the air valve on the expansion vessel which cost pence can solve this problem. You need the short ones from any good motor shop.

Why have I got low cold water main pressure?

It may well be you have got low water pressure in your street, ask your neighbours what there pressure is like. It could be your main stopcocks are faulty or not fully open or your incoming water pipe is faulty. If there is snow on the ground it could be frozen. Check any filters in taps etc.

Why is there a constant flow of water into my toilet bowl?

Most modern toilets have internal overflows and flush valves. These divert excess water into the toilet bowl, they are also very susceptible to scale problems. Problem rectified by de scaling, new valve or washer or solving over filling issue i.e; new fill valve or adjustment. 

Why is my under floor heating not working even though it is hot at the manifold?

Under floor heating circuits can easily become blocked by air, this needs to be purged out. The ports on the manifolds can get stuck or blocked and may need cleaning.

Do I really need to get my boiler serviced every year?

Yes. All gas appliances need an annual check. This can avoid bigger problems developing and any unsafe situations arising. Many manufacturer warranties are dependent on a regular annual check being carried out.  

Does my unvented hot water cylinder (Megaflow) need an annual service?

Yes. Same reasons as above for gas appliances. Unvented hot water vessels can become explosive in certain circumstances that can be avoided by an annual safety check.

What can I do to reduce plumbing problems in the winter?

1. Turn off the water to all outside taps.

2. Make sure all pipes and cold water tanks are well insulated in areas of frost damage such as lofts and garages.

3. Make sure the boiler condensing pipe is well insulated, is the correct diameter pipe, and has the correct fall and if possible moved to internal position.

4. Make sure all valves and stopcocks are in good working order and labelled especially the main incoming stopcock just in case you need to turn off the water in an emergency, i.e.  burst pipes.

5. Make sure your boiler has been checked over and serviced, although this will not rule out a breakdown altogether many problems can be rectified before the winter rush and keep a copy of your boiler manual safe, if you don’t have one order one from your boiler manufacturer in advance, they will normally send you one free of charge or you can download it off the net.

6. Make sure you have a good reliable local plumber in the phone book like P&S Plumbing and Heating, so that you’re prepared ready for any problems.

7. Make sure all heating controls are working properly especially any frost protection controls such as frost thermostats and cylinder thermostats.

8. Get your emersion heater checked in your cylinder so that in the event of your boiler breaking down you have a backup hot water supply, and electric convector heaters can be purchased very cheaply now, why not buy a couple in the summer when they are on offer in case of an emergency. 

Can I fit a gas boiler in the loft?

Yes, as long as the boiler is compatible and there is enough room for servicing requirements. There are regulations that cover this situation that need to be met that we are always happy to discuss with our customers. Most modern boilers can be fitted almost anywhere.