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What are the Plumbing strategies for collecting water with sump pump?

It may surprise you to learn that the most common claim on a homeowner’s property insurance policy is due to water damage. This is mainly because when water hits everything from the walls to the carpets to the electronics, they usually are completely ruined. And when it gets through the floorboards to the foundation level, then you’re really in trouble for the future viability of your home. Water damage is a serious thing!

It’s fair to say that insurance claims can easily total $75,00-150,000 for one that includes water damage. This is because nothing water touches is usually salvageable or repairable. It doesn’t take much water either to do damage. Even a layer of water a few inches high is going to be enough to render furniture and furnishings unusable due to the bacteria and mold that will develop due to the dampness.

What can you do to prevent this terrible situation?

Avoid Chronic Plumbing Failures

One of the major causes of flooding in the main levels of the house or the basement area is from bad plumbing. This can be valves that are too old, cannot take the water pressure and burst, or pipes that are aging and need replacing.

Handling Matters When Plumbing Fails or a Storm Hits

Being prepped and ready for when a sudden flood hits your house is essential to protect the foundations, the walls and the contents too. When owning a home with a basement, the best idea is to have a sump pump from sump pump guides. This device has a sensor that detects when the water has risen and automatically activates the motor which drives the pump to push water out of the house.

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The pump itself is connected to the exterior of the property to remove water efficiently. The idea is that the pump activates once water residue has hit a certain level and keeps on pumping until the water level is below that level again. Therefore, sump pumps do not pump until every drop of water is removed from the floor level. This comes as a surprise to some buyers who believe mistakenly that they’ll remove every last spec of moisture.

Covering Power Failures That Knock Out Sump Pumps

In a situation like an electrical storm knocks out part of the local power grid, the power goes down. Given that an electrical sump is plugged into a power outlet and relies on that power to function, a storm of this kind could prevent the sump pump from removing flood water as it comes in. Disaster!

To prevent this issue, the battery backup sump pump product was invented. This runs on a battery for a limited period of time and will activate in much the same way as a regular sump pump. While it won’t provide ongoing pumping abilities like a sump pump will, it provides protection when you’re away from home for part of the day, there’s local flooding in the area and the power is out. You still have a sump pump that will protect your home in your absence.